Approval Process

Make sure your application is filled out properly and all cosigner information is provided. We will be doing a credit check on the cosigner.

You can submit your application any of the follwing ways:

Hand deliver to us, e-mail to or send image of application from your phone to 802-310-3047.

Approval from North Union Properties will be within hours of receipt of documents..

Lease Signing

Upon application approval we send you a Lease and Binder Agreement. Read over the lease with your cosigner . Make sure your group is in agreement with the terms of the Lease. You need to provide us a signed lease Binder statement, Security Deposit (equal to one months rent) and First months rent to complete the contract. All Leases must be signed by Co-Signers, Tenants and returned within 5 days to put your unit under contract. After five days if paperwork is not in apartment will be remarketed.

We can recieve documents, Leases via email or hard copies can be mailed to the address below.

North Union Properties LLC.

20 Skipper Way, Gloucester Ma 01930

Terms: First Month and Security Deposit.

Checks payable to: North Union Properties LLC.

Process Summary
1) Fill out the Application Form.

2) North Union Properties will contact you with approval to rent. A copy of final Lease and Binder Agreement will be included.

3) Send Security Deposit, First Months Rent ,Signed Binder and lease to put apartment under contract.

4) Signed Apartment Lease due back to North Union Properties within 5 days of reciept of lease with First Months Rents/Security Deposit included.

Review Roommates Agreement Form
Roommate agreement document is recommended. Go over all the expenses associated with renting your unit with your roomates.

Contact the utilities to get an understanding of what you can expect cost for your unit are. Links to utilities are in Tenant Tools.

Complete Auto Draft Authorization Form

We recommend taking advantage of the Auto drafting program for rental payments.

See the "Moving In" page for more details on June 1 .

This page will give you information regarding your stay at North Union Properties.

Please contact us if questions at 802-310-3047.