Moving In

Welcome and thank you for choosing our properties for your residence.

On June first we will provide a welcome packet with information for your specific apartment. Enclosed will be keys to your unit, parking stickers, all codes needed for security doors and access codes to laundry facilities. A representative will take you into your unit and you will have an opportunity to review apartment and put down any concerns or comments to protect your security deposit. See the apartment inspection link below.

Please review web site for all the information and tools you need to make living at our properties easy for you. Provided is important information regarding City of Burlington's ordinance and codes. Please familiar yourself with trash removal, noise ordinances and smoke detector safety.

We are here to support your needs if you need small repairs. If toilet is not working right or you have a clogged sink or anything that comes up contact us anytime. We continually review the buildings from the exterior to interior so if you notice anything please let us know and we will take care of it.

You have enough to think about with your studies your apartment shouldn't be part of your worries.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you.

 North Union Properties

Contact Burlington Electric to get your Electricity on and/or in your name.
Contact Vermont Gas to turn the Gas Hot water and Heat for your apartment.
Contact the Post Office to setup your mailbox and get a mail box key.
Conduct the Apartment Inspection Pre-Move in inspection.
Print and post Emergency numbers and Contact sheet.