Tenant Tools

Please use the links below to set up your utilities. If you have any question on cost for heating your unit contact Vermont Gas. They can provide past cost for your units.

Utility Links:
Vermont Gas


Burlington Electric

Burlington Telecom


City Of Burlington:

Noise Ordinance

Trash Removal:

Trash will be picked up on a weekly basis. Please keep covers on all containers.

No furniture items are allowed in trash containers. Please make arrangements for any large furniture disposal.

Recycling :

All apartments will be provided with a container for recycle materials. Do not leave containers outside. City of Burlington has strict ordinances and fines regarding recycling See links .

Do It Your Self:
 How to Unplug Your Toilet
How to Reset a Circuit Breaker

University of Vermont Student Resources for Off-Campus Living
Office of Student and Community Relations Web Site Off Campus Living Survival Guide